Steel or Aluminum? Finding Your Metal Roof

Steel or Aluminum? Finding Your Metal Roof

Red Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing Provides a Durable, Weather Resistant Cover for Your Home.

Metal roofing is a hot trend this year. The most popular metals, steel and aluminum, are long lasting materials and highly rated against fires. Knowing which metal is right for your home or business can be tricky. Let’s make it easier! Here is what you need to know to help you choose between two of the most popular metal roofing options: steel and aluminum.


Steel Roofing

Steel is a classic metal when it comes to building, and for good reason. Its strong, durable nature has allowed it to serve as the framework for bridges and skyscrapers. In spite of its historical reputation, steel is actually lightweight and incredibly easy to use as a roofing material. With steel roofing, installation is uncomplicated and repairs simple (though seldom needed).  

Roofing manufacturers have further improved steel applying a special zinc coating, producing a material that’s highly resistant to weather damage and corrosion. For homeowners, steel’s age-resistance and lightweight nature also makes it an attractive choice.


Aluminum Roofing

Many roofers consider aluminum to be a miracle material. Why? This metal is astonishingly resistant against weather and corrosion. It boasts one of the highest strength to weight ratios of any roofing material.  In short: aluminum is simple to install, but tough!

Finally, its flexibility makes aluminum easy for roofers to customize and shape, creating viable options for all building shapes and sizes. The only notable downside to aluminum is its tendency to lose its sheen over time, but this can be prevented with proper finishing.

Both steel and aluminum provide fantastic benefits as roofing materials. Call Jemar Contracting, LLC today at 215-544-1157, and consult with one of our specialists on which metal is right for your home! We make metal roofing in Philadelphia, PA easy.