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We acknowledge that no one takes the decision for a new roofing system lightly. As components of a major expenditure, you should consider the assets and drawbacks of different materials. Because some roof materials cost much more than others, price can additionally carry consideration. You also get to select a roof material dependent on your preference, since it does not all reduce down to cost. For roof installation in Philadelphia, PA, Jemar Contracting, LLC stands as the true leader. Call us right away at 215-544-1157 if the time has come to select an updated roofing system for your house.

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Roof Installation

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The future purchaser becomes confronted with an excess of materials for their roof. The types of roofing materials an individual chooses from each have their own beneficial aspects.

Asphalt Shingles: Asphalt shingles possess relatively good durability and cost-effectiveness, reasons which explain their status as the most frequently used material in roofing. Extra advantages include a huge collection of colors and styles, benefits for just about any regions, and basic install requirements. The majority of asphalt shingle roofs last for around two decades. As for disadvantages, asphalt shingles don’t maintain the durability of other materials for roofs. Asphalt shingles can also discolor as they get older.

Slate and Tile: As a characteristic of certain residences, these deluxe varieties of shingles will encourage a visual punch. Features of slate include a life expectancy of up to nine or ten decades, high resistance to flames, and an all-natural appearance. Ceramic tiles may provide lasting protection for over 60 years, and additionally resist fire to a high degree. For slate, deficiencies involve heaviness and the level of skill required for proper installation. For their part, ceramic tiles will break if trod upon, and are only advisable for certain regions.

Metal Roofs: Metals roofs install quickly thanks to their manufacture in pre-sized sheets, and also supply first-rate longevity. Metal roofing also necessitates essentially no maintenance, and is lightweight. Two negatives for metal roofs include a loss of shine with the passage of time, and the need for an exceptional contractor for installation.

Cedar Shingles and Wood Shakes: Cedar shingle roofing and wood shakes gain advantages from a naturally good-looking and environmentally supportive nature. When rounded up in a sustainable manner or put together of old wood, these types of roofs have absolutely no competition when one thinks about environmental benefits. On the flipside, these roofs can become costly, and often require expert service.

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For exceptional competence and accomplishment in roof system placements, have faith in Jemar Contracting, LLC in Philadelphia, PA. With our team, you can rest easy in the knowledge that expert roofers will execute an unbeatable install for any roof covering you select. To find a time for repairs or maintenance, or ask any questions about our roofing options, contact the leaders soon at 215-544-1157.