Roof Flashing Repairs and Installation

Roof Flashing

Our Team Can Reliably Restore Your Flashing to Prevent Future Problems.

At Jemar Contracting, LLC, we provide total repairs and replacement work for roof flashing. The vents and seams of your roof are exposed, and vulnerable to damage, so flashing is installed to protect those areas. Your flashing additionally assists you with drainage, as it helps direct water from your roof, towards your gutters. Issues with your flashing can be frustrating, but our professionals are here to help!

Damaged flashing creates the repercussion of weak areas about your roofing. Roof leaks can penetrate and damage your ceilings, insulation, walls, and the roofing system itself, and necessitate the quick repair of your flashing. Water gets carried toward your flashing through the roof’s drainage system. This makes deteriorated flashing doubly crucial to repair, as it channels rain and then leaks it into your house. Phone Jemar Contracting, LLC at 215-544-1157 today for any problems or questions about roof flashing in Philadelphia, PA.

Indicators You Need Roof Flashing Repair

Roof Flashing

Old, Deteriorated Flashing Can Act as a Sieve for Water Leaks.

If you notice any of the following indicators, do not delay to phone us and arrange for flashing reconstruction. Compromised flashing will create the necessity for much more expensive restoration, as it leaves a roofing system vulnerable to the weather.

Age: Aged residences typically used roofing cement or tar to serve as flashing. Over the years, these materials will weaken and require the homeowner to make repairs. If your flashing has gotten old beyond the point of serviceability, we can tell with a quick check-up. When we make repairs or restoration to a house’s flashing protection, we employ modern, first-rate metal.

Rust or Corrosion: Despite its longevity, metal flashing will one day require repair. Rust acts as a prime signal that flashing must be restored. Flashing that is now vulnerable to rainfall cannot do its job. Roof flashing will corrode to the condition of insolvency and accomplish absolutely nothing for the residence if it is surrendered to rust.

Roof Leaks: For a probable source of roofing leaks, point the finger at flashing. If deteriorated or incorrectly installed, flashing will act as a entry point for water. Certain parts of flashing may become especially susceptible to rain due to your roof’s drainage structure. Flashing has a sole purpose: to protect the roofing’s weakest areas from harm. If a leak has happened at your flashing, you must have it restored as quickly as possible.

Reach Out to Us Now

Should you harbor any issues with roof flashing in Philadelphia, PA, you can invariably contact us at 215-544-1157. A full check-up from our technicians can show the components of your flashing need service and replacement. Jemar Contracting, LLC acts as the first-rate authority for roof flashing around the nearby community.