Wood Shake Roof Installation

Wood Shake Roof

A Highly Attractive Roofing Option, Wood Shake Roofs Will Last for Many Decades with Proper Care.

Are you wanting a durable, aesthetically pleasing, and natural roof for your home? If so, our wood shake roof installation might be the best option for you. Although we provide many home roofing services and options, wood shake roofs continue to be one of the most popular. Even though shake roofs have their drawbacks, it’s aesthetic charm and value make it an incredibly remarkable roofing system for residential property owners to look into. Get in touch with Jemar Contracting, LLC today by calling 215-544-1157 to learn more about installation of a wood shake roof in Philadelphia, PA.

The Perks and Downsides of a Wood Shake Roof

Wood Shake Roof

We Can Provide a Full Range of Services for Your Wood Roof, Including Repair and Maintenance.

Opting to install a wood shake roof on your residential property brings a lot of fantastic advantages. Dissimilar to asphalt shingle roofs, wood shake roofing is better at safeguarding your residence during a bad storm. With wood shake roofing, the roof can endure harsh winds, hail, branches, and even larger debris. This roofing system is not only wind resistant, it is highly visually appealing because of its natural appearance. Wood shake roofing is also highly energy efficient, and will bring about lower utility bills on a monthly basis.

Wood shake roofing systems have a lot of great characteristics, but also challenges that include pricey installations and substantial maintenance needs. Because regular maintenance is so critical for these roofs, residential property owners who ignore this requirement will suffer through problems that can necessitate expensive repairs. One other note of concern is that customers who reside in locations susceptible to fires should reconsider wood shake roofing systems.

We Excel in Wood Shake Roofing Installation

Call our roofing company today at 215-544-1157 if you want to make an appointment for the installation or service of a wood shake roof in Philadelphia, PA. With a team that is licensed and properly trained, we are able to realize amazing customer satisfaction on each project that we take on. We would be happy to discuss the roofing process with you and answer all questions you may have on your residential roofing options. At Jemar Contracting, LLC our greatest focus isn’t securing a sale, it’s to ensure that the roofing system you want is the right one for your needs and property.