Reliable Concrete Tile Roof Installation

Concrete Roof Tiles

Concrete Tiles Can Convincingly Mimic the Appearance of Clay.

Have you thought about adding a tile roof system in the past, but chose not to due to the hefty cost? While clay and ceramic prices will not likely go down soon, concrete roof tiles are a lower-priced tile roofing choice that is just as resilient. If this seems like an interesting option to you, give our roofing professionals a call now at 215-544-1157! Get concrete roof tiles in Philadelphia, PA at the price you want from our experienced roofing team.

The Benefits Of Concrete Roof Tiles

Concrete Roof Tiles

Few People Can Tell the Difference Between a Concrete and Clay Tile Roof.

In regards to both appearance and function, concrete roof tiles are meant to mimic traditional roof tile materials such as ceramic or clay. However, concrete tiles are less expensive to manufacture, which creates a less expensive tile roofing option for homeowners. Just like their clay and ceramic cousins, concrete roof tiles will provide your roof with durability, energy efficiency, and longevity. They also look great, and will certainly elevate the appearance of your home.

With proper maintenance, it is not uncommon for concrete tile roof systems to last more than 50 years. You can pick them in classic barrel or modern flat styles, depending on your preference. Also, mildew, fire, and hail are less of a threat to your roof when it is covered with concrete! Tile roof systems are loved for being low maintenance, and this remains mostly true for concrete tiles. They do, however, require marginally more maintenance than other tile roof choices. Overall, concrete roof tiles are an excellent way to experience the durability as well as longevity of a tile roof, but at a significantly lower cost.

How To Get Started

Contact 215-544-1157 to talk to a roofing professional now if you’re interested in learning more about concrete tile roof systems. After years of experience with residential roof systems, we’re able to provide our clients with an extensive list of services. Picking the concrete tile roof materials that will provide you with the best property value isn’t easy, but our crew is glad to help. Don’t count on anyone but Jemar Contracting, LLC with your concrete roof tiles in Philadelphia, PA or nearby areas.