Quality Ceramic Roof Tile Installation

Ceramic Roof Tiles

Ceramic Tiles Come in a Wide Variety of Colors and Styles, One of Their Main Advantages.

Are you searching for a tougher, longer-lasting, and more valuable roof system? Ceramic tile roof systems provide houses with these benefits and more! Available in a wide range of styles, colors, and shapes, ceramic roof tile materials are also able to provide reliable protection. If you would like to learn more about the installation of ceramic roof tiles in Philadelphia, PA, speak to any of our qualified roof contractors today at 215-544-1157! At Jemar Contracting, LLC, our professional roofers have experience with many types of tile installations and deliver only the highest-quality of services.

The Differences Between Clay And Ceramic Roof Tiles

Ceramic Roof Tiles

Our Expert Team Can Proficiently Install Ceramic Tiles for Optimized Performance.

There are several small differences between clay and ceramic tiles, despite the fact that many roofers will discuss the two as if they were one and the same. You can count on just about any tile roof system to defend your house from fire and damaging weather patterns, thanks to tile’s impressive durability. Clay, however, is slightly more resilient than ceramic. Ceramic tiles do have the added advantage of many more styles and colors unavailable in clay, a benefit of their manufacturing process.

While more maintenance is required for ceramic than clay, the overall upkeep is less stringent than that required for asphalt shingles or cedar shake. All in all, both options of tile are quite similar, and you can depend on either for impressive longevity and protection. As with every tile project, ceramic roof tile installation requires the services of a professional roofer to ensure proper work.

Ceramic Tile Roof Installation Service

Tile roofs aren’t a new invention, and have actually been protecting homes and businesses across the globe for centuries. The heavy upfront price can be overwhelming for some customers, but in the end, the significant value they deliver pays for itself. Extended manufacturer warranties are the norm, and ceramic tile roof installations can easily last 80 years or more.

Along with the aesthetic appeal you achieve after installing ceramic roof tiles on your roof, you will also notice increased defense against mold growth and fire. If you’re prepared to add to your home’s curb appeal and property value, call our office at 215-544-1157 to set up installation of ceramic roof tiles in Philadelphia, PA!