Professional Synthetic Slate Roofing

Synthetic Slate Roofing

Few Observers Can Differentiate Between Real and Synthetic Slate, Especially When Viewed from the Ground.

Are you hunting for a roofing solution that can provide you with each of the benefits you want, as well as a gorgeous and traditional style? One of the greatest matches for you just might be synthetic slate shingles. These present you with the same appearance of gorgeous natural slate, and also provide money-saving benefits. If you are curious about synthetic slate roofing in Philadelphia, PA and you wish to find out more, give Jemar Contracting, LLC a call at 215-544-1157! With years of experience in the business, we’re confident that we can help pick the ideal roof for you!

Perks Of Synthetic Slate Roofing

Synthetic Slate Roofing

Synthetics Weigh Much Less than Actual Slate, which Makes Them an Excellent Choice for Any Home.

Due to its beauty, as well as its enduring resiliency, real slate is a highly praised material in the roofing business. As with anything, it can have some down sides, and regardless of the 150 year lifespan you can expect, the cost and availability are certainly difficult to overcome. Don’t panic, though, since synthetic slate shingles have the answers to these issues, and deliver other benefits, too! In regards to the lofty price of natural slate, a synthetic slate roof installation costs half as much, and still provides the top-of-the-line fire protection you can expect from any Class A-rated option.

Furthermore, you can expect increased impact resistance, a lifespan of 50 years, and only one-fourth of the weight on your house. On top of all this, very few individuals will be able to see the difference, since natural and synthetic slates look so similar. If you are interested in investing in synthetic slate roofing in Philadelphia, PA or the nearby area, you can always depend on the professionals at Jemar Contracting, LLC!

Install Your Synthetic Slate Roof Today!

Thanks to the attractiveness of synthetic slate roofing, your home’s curb appeal will experience a boost, with a corresponding increase in your property’s value. Besides being significantly more stylish than asphalt shingles, synthetic slate shingles are also safe from hail, and last more than twice as long. By serving longer than other roofs, this material produces less waste, which makes it a green roofing choice. Contact us at 215-544-1157 to request an estimate for your synthetic slate roofing today! Let us use our years of expertise to provide your home with an ideal roof.