Architectural Shingles Installation

Architectural Shingles

An Architectural Shingle Roof Provides Improved Protection When Compared to Standard Shingles.

Modern roofing took a major step forward with the invention of architectural shingles. These materials, a singular product totally divergent from usual asphalt shingles, come with a selection of benefits that includes better design opportunities. At Jemar Contracting, LLC, we encourage everyone requiring a new roof to definitely pursue an architectural shingle system. These shingles benefit a good deal from masterful installation services, which we supply at Jemar Contracting, LLC.

As a superior option for general efficiency in a roofing system, it’s difficult to supersede these shingles. Held up to typical shingles, the architectural type also comes with increased durability. An interested party can always reach us at 215-544-1157 to ask questions or schedule work with architectural shingles in Philadelphia, PA.

The Advantages of Architectural Shingles

Architectural Shingles

Skilled Installers Can Arrange an Architectural Shingle Roof to Achieve a 3D effect.

An architectural shingle roofing system has numerous advantages for the residence and homeowner. At Jemar Contracting, LLC, we strive to keep our customers informed of all the advantages that their choices will bring. The subsequent benefits will happen with the choice of an architectural shingle roof for your house.

Cost: Architectural shingles appear as a cheaper selection among luxury roofing systems such as slate shingles and cedar shake. Though pricier than standard shingles, the architectural kind come with improved durability to compensate for the higher cost. The lessened upkeep and infrequent need of replacement permits architectural shingles to compensate for the added expense of installation.

Durability: Longevity concerns might occur with typical roof shingles, since they usually only have one layer of roofing installed on the decking. Extra levels of stronger asphalt characterize the construction of an architectural shingle roof. While average shingle systems only get rated for winds up to 80 mph, the architectural kind will withstand gusts of 120 mph.

Appearance: With a 3D style that can emulate cedar shake or slate tiles, these shingles additionally come in a huge array of styles and colors to customize the appearance of your residence. These shingles also necessitate less maintenance than typical roof choices.

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When you choose an updated roofing system, your material choice possesses a large influence on the cost of installation. Greater durability and greatly-reduced upkeep permits architectural shingles to offset their higher price. To learn more about the special benefits that architectural shingles provide, feel free to contact our team at 215-544-1157. For the premier service in architectural shingles in Philadelphia, PA, look no further than the master installers at Jemar Contracting, LLC.