Soffit and Fascia Repair and Installation

Soffit Repair

We Provide Quality Services for the Repair of Soffit and Fascia on Any Home.

Soffit and fascia are typically the two forgotten elements of your roof. At Jemar Contracting, LLC, we recognize that making the best decision for your roofing system requires an understanding of each of its components. Fascia covers the ends of your rafters, protects them from exposure, and provides a place for your gutters to attach. Soffit covers the exposed area beneath your roof’s overhang. In order for your roof to remain in good condition, you must occasionally perform fascia and soffit repair.

Jemar Contracting, LLC should become your go-to source for all residential roofing repair. We never take shortcuts or gloss over the importance of areas like fascia and soffit. For dependable and thorough fascia and soffit repair in Philadelphia, PA, give our team a call at 215-544-1157. We stand ready to help, and can keep your roof in fine form.

Why Is Fascia and Soffit Repair Important?

Soffit Repair

Once Your Fascia Becomes Compromised, Moisture Can Enter Beneath Your Roof.

Running along the edge of your roof is where you can find the fascia. From there, you can find the soffit bridging the overhang, between the roof line and siding. While fascia hinders any water damage and offers a finished look, your soffit is in place to provide proper ventilation for the attic of your home.

Fascia: The key to keeping your roof in good shape is regularly scheduled maintenance. Luckily, fascia is an element that you’re able to check on a regular basis without the assistance of a roofing professional. Take a walk along the perimeter of your home and check to see if there are any nests or spots that may be broken or sagging. Be sure to get rid any type of debris, and keep your gutters cleaned to avoid water overflow that can rot your fascia. 

Soffit: As for your soffit, look for indications of moisture in the attic or even a sudden increase in your energy costs. If you observe any problem that signals fascia or soffit failure, do not hesitate to reach out and schedule repairs. Once these vital areas become compromised, the entirety of your roof comes under risk.

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