Green Roof Installation Service

Green Roof

Green Roofs Can Have a Highly Beneficial Effect on Their Surrounding Environment.

Is your commercial roofing aged past 15 years, and causing your energy bills to rise? The installation of a green roof in Philadelphia, PA is a fantastic way to cut back on energy costs, as well as lessen your building’s environmental impact. With plenty of expertise, the team at Jemar Contracting, LLC can help you with a wide variety of roof services that includes green roofing. If you’d like to discover more about how our crew can assist you, give our office a ring at 215-544-1157!

What is A Green Roof?

Green Roof

Green Roofs Can Even Sustain Vegetable Gardens, and Provide Premier Protection from Rainfall.

Despite how frequently the term green roofing is utilized, it can be difficult to discern exactly what it means. In some cases, green roofing can reference a roof system that lowers your building’s carbon footprint. Thanks to the easy application method of roof coatings, the original roof materials don’t need to be taken off, which means less waste is sent to local landfills. Reflective roof coatings additionally reflect UV rays, which allows the roof to keep your structure cooler throughout warm summer months without additional strain on your air conditioning systems. In those ways, roof coatings are considered a green roofing option.

Sometimes you will even hear the phrase green roofing used in reference to roof systems that are actually green, due to vegetation. It’s not particularly common to see this type of roof in North America, though more roofers are exploring the effects of green roofing when it comes to cooling structures as well as the air around those buildings. As anyone who has been to both urban and rural areas knows, areas with plant life are generally much cooler than areas like densely populated cities. These green roofing initiatives also provide a great platform for the cultivation of native plant species that are otherwise out of places to grow. Green roof installation in this scenario reduces the urban heat effect, and reduces the amount of green house gases produced by city buildings. Green roof systems have even been utilized for vegetable gardens, as well as refuges for endangered species of birds.

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