Commercial Roof Leaks and Pitch Pans

Commercial Roof Leaks and Pitch Pans

Commercial Roof Leaks

Commercial Roofs Are Vulnerable to Leaks Around the Pitch Pans.

Pitch pans are designed to seal areas of the roof structure that are vulnerable to leaking, but they can cause many problems, especially if they haven’t been maintained. A proper roof assessment for your commercial roof structure is in order if you even think you have commercial roof leaks. If you fail to do this, you’ll find more problems that require additional repairs to take care of damages to the interior of your building. Pitch pan problems are easy to fix, but difficult to detect.

On old roofs, the pitch pans are used to encase supporting connections where roofing materials, plumbing, and other materials meet on your commercial roof top. These areas are important to maintain, because they are a prime area where roof leaks occur, especially on older roofs. As the owner of your Greater Philadelphia Area commercial business, you don’t want to overlook your pitch pans and flashing areas. Any areas where things poke out of your roof should be sealed to protect from commercial roof leaks.

The Cause for Pitch Pan Repairs

The National Roofing Contractors Association indicates that pitch pans are a common problem for roof leaking. Many of the commercial structures in the Greater Philadelphia Area that are older have pitch pan issues that result in leaking. All roofing materials need to be flexible and durable, including flashing and pitch pans. With temperature fluctuations, the materials expand and contract, causing movement. With the pitch pan design, they are not intended to be continuously water tight. There are much better methods to accomplish protection in these areas. They require frequent inspections and maintenance, as well. A great deal of problems can result with the use of pitch pans due to their leaking problems.

Dried Out Sealant on Pitch Pans

Over time, the sun’s UV rays will damage the seal around the pitch pans. With the sun, wind, rain, and heavy storms beating down on your roof, it’s no wonder that pitch pans wind up leaking if they’re not maintained. Wiring, fireplaces, plumbing vents, conduits, pipes, angle iron, and more are the areas where you may find the sealant drying out. Once the sealant is no longer elastic and/or adhered to the connection, the pitch pans will be leaking when it rains.

Roof Maintenance for Pitch Pans

If you watch your pitch pans to ensure the sealant isn’t dried out, and have the seals repaired when necessary, it won’t be difficult to keep these areas from leaking. Making sure your commercial roof structure is cared for by a professional will be important. The better your roof structure is, the less problems and expenses you’ll have with it. A good maintenance plan is always in order for commercial roof structures. It’s better to know your roof is always in top shape so you never have to worry about missing some hidden problem you can’t see or know about. Your roof structure will also give you longevity with regular care, which means your investment lasts. Call the professional roofing contractors at Jemar Contracting, LLC at 215-544-1157. We can come out to check your pitch pans, do a little preventive maintenance, and prevent commercial roof leaks in Philadelphia, PA.