Steel Roofing Installation Services

Steel Roofing

Galvanized Steel Can Resist Corrosion Thanks to a Zinc Alloy Coating.

Have you considered the addition of a steel roof for your home or commercial structure? As with every metal roofing type, you can count on long-term dependability and resistance to common sources of damage. With steel roofing, you can also depend on the added value of a zinc coating. Among the steel roofing options on the market, your best value likely comes from galvanized steel. Another option, Galvalume steel, offers its own benefits.

Contact the team at 215-544-1157 now to add a steel roof to your building. These immensely dependable roofing systems benefit greatly from the quality of our services. Jemar Contracting, LLC is a professional provider of steel roofing in Philadelphia, PA and the surrounding areas. Reach out to us any time to ask questions or arrange for an estimate.

Is Steel Roofing Right For You?

Steel Roofing

Galvalume Steel Has Better Resistance to Corrosion, but May Not Be Suitable for Every Installation.

With such a great number of metal roof varieties to choose from, it can be hard to decide which option will work ideally for your needs. However, our experts have plenty of experience, and we can help you locate your perfect metal roof. If you choose galvanized steel roofing, the primary benefits will involve the zinc coating. Thanks to the zinc coating, your roof will not age as quickly, and it’ll be spared from most weather problems. You can even rely on steel roofing materials to be very light and unlikely to fall victim to corrosion. Steel roof repair is easy when required, but very rarely needed, and the value per square foot is incredible for expansive roof projects.

Another option, Galvalume, is similar to galvanized steel. The difference between the two appears in the type of applied coating. Galvalume has an aluminum-zinc alloy that resists corrosion even better than galvanized steel. On the downside, Galvalume tends to more clearly display scratches and other damage. Whichever type of roofing you decide to choose, you can count on decades of dependable service.

Experienced Repair And Installation of Steel Roofing

When it comes to the installation of a new roof, Jemar Contracting, LLC knows that quality work and unbeatable professionalism are the two essentials a roofing contractor needs to provide. Our crew is highly experienced with many types of roof solutions, so we can help you determine which type of steel is best for your needs and budget. If you are ready for installation or need service on steel roofing in Philadelphia, PA, give us a call today at 215-544-1157. No matter what your roofing requirements are, our experts will supply you with great work, fair prices, and an amazing experience.