Mechanical Lock Metal Roofing

Mechanical Lock

A Mechanically Locked Metal Roof Offers Premier Protection from the Elements.

Mechanical lock roofing is a variety of a standing seam metal roof. Standing seam metal roofs benefit from their installation procedure and seam seal to provide premier protection against rainfall. A popular style of metal roofing for both homes and commercial structures, standing seam roofs have exceptional durability, longevity, and all the other benefits typically associated with metal roofs. At Jemar Contracting, LLC, we provide for the professional installation of standing seam metal roofs.

A mechanical lock refers to the method in which panels of standing seam metal roofs are joined. These “locks” differ from snap lock panels in that they require a machine to affix them properly. You can trust Jemar Contracting, LLC for all services and installations of standing seam panels equipped with mechanical lock in Philadelphia, PA. To learn more about this roofing material, schedule service, or arrange for installation, call us today at 215-544-1157.

Benefits of Mechanical Lock Roofing

Mechanical Lock

Even the Heaviest Rainfall Cannot Affect a Mechanically Locked Standing Seam Metal Roof.

Mechanical lock roofing panels rely upon a machine to crimp the panels together for a watertight seal. Though the protection afforded through this process makes mechanical lock panels the most structurally sound variety of metal roofing, it is also more expensive than the snap lock variety. The reason for this heightened expense comes from the labor-intensive crimping process. Expense aside, this type of roofing awards the following benefits.

Water and Wind Resistance: These panels are crimped together at two points, which affords an extremely tight seal at the seams. Water simply cannot penetrate, regardless of external factors. As for wind, the tight seal offers total resistance. If you want a  roof that can stand up to any storm, go with a mechanically locked metal roofing system.

Heightened Durability: With traditional metal panels, the elements contribute a great deal to deterioration. Water encourages corrosion and rust, while the wind loosens panels, gets under seams, and can eventually tear away sections of roofing. Since mechanically locked metal roofs offer such resistance to these two factors, they have improved durability. Even compared to other types of metal roofing, this variety offers reliable protection over a longer period, with fewer needs for repairs.

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