Quality Industrial Roof Coatings

Industrial Roof Coatings

Industrial Areas Present Special Hazards to Roofs.

There are many different types of commercial roof systems, and the kind you need depends on the work that building is most often utilized for. Roofs of manufacturing facilities, for instance, need more protection, as they are exposed to smoke and acrid vapors that come out of rooftop exhausts and vents. For those roofs, industrial roof materials are required to provide the needed protection on the roof. At Jemar Contracting, we have the skills and experience to service your industrial roof. Industrial roof coatings represent one way to preserve and protect this investment.

In a similar way that industrial roof systems are created with special materials, industrial roofing restorations need specialized materials. Roof coatings fulfill this need, and can add years of additional service to the life of your roof. You can even re-apply roof coatings to extend your roof’s usefulness even further. To ask for your industrial roof coatings in Philadelphia, PA, contact Jemar Contracting, LLC at 215-544-1157 to get begin.

Industrial Roof Coating Experts

Industrial Roof Coatings

Regardless of the Size of Your Facility, Our Industrial Roof Coatings Provide Optimal Protection.

Are you wondering why commercial roof coatings and industrial roof coatings are so different? The reason is fairly simple, in that industrial roof systems are exposed to more elements that can render damage over time. For this reason, industrial roof coatings are especially resistant to weather, erosion, and other types of damage. Another essential aspect of industrial roof coatings is the malleability that enables them to fit perfectly around all of the seams and protrusions on the facility rooftop. These extensions are all potential areas for leaks, so complete adhesion around those seams is critical. Industrial roof coatings are capable of providing an exceptional level of protection, along with an extended longevity for the roof system.

Prices For Industrial Roof Coatings

If your industrial roof is displaying signs of wear and tear, and you do not want to buy an entirely new roof, an industrial roof coating may be the perfect solution. Roof coatings are also a smart option because they do not require you to remove and dispose of your current roof system. Our industrial roof coatings in Philadelphia, PA are affordable, effective, and smart. Get started now by contacting our team of roofing professionals at 215-544-1157!