Roof Restoration in Philadelphia, PA

Roof Restoration

Worn, Damaged Roofs Can Receive a New Lease on Life from Restoration Work.

Are you struggling with wear and tear on your commercial roof system? According to the extent of any wear and tear, you will be left with a choice between roof restoration and roofing replacement. If you are behind on your building’s roofing maintenance, or if your roofing requires more than a few repairs, a roof restoration is a great alternative to replacement, and can significantly prolong the life of your roof if done before the damages are too severe. At Jemar Contracting, LLC, we represent your expert local choice for roof restoration services.

Keep in mind, a roof restoration is only a possible choice if pursued within the right time frame. If you wait for too long, damages and water penetration can render your roof a complete loss, with replacement as your only alternative. Reach out to our team immediately at 215-544-1157 if you suspect your roof needs restoration work. Jemar Contracting, LLC is a dependable roof restoration company in Philadelphia, PA committed to helping customers save money and get the most out of their roof systems.

Dependable Roof Restoration

Roof Restoration

Our Roof Coatings Can Fully Seal Vulnerable Areas of Your Roof for Exceptional Protection.

Your commercial roof system is vulnerable to several kinds of damage through its lifespan, from erosion due to UV radiation, to punctures and water-related problems from storms. Unlike other roofers that leap at the chance to perform a costly roof replacement, our company always explores alternate options. Customer service represents our main priority, and if we can save our clients the headache and expense of roofing replacement, we will.

If you are looking to avoid spending thousands of dollars on labor and materials for a full replacement, a roof restoration is a good place to begin. Cracked seams, leaks, a broken roofing membrane, and ponding water are all problems that can be addressed with a roof restoration. Restoration works through the application of a roof coating. Roof coatings act as a shield for compromised roofs, as they repair minor damage, stop leaks, and offer protection from the elements. Generally speaking, a roof coating can add 10 years to the life of a roof. At Jemar Contracting, LLC, we offer four different types of roof coatings.

  • Silicone Roof Coating A silicone roof coating offers an all-natural restoration solution. Silicone provides comprehensive, excellent protection against water-related issues.
  • Acrylic Roof Coating Acrylic coatings are available in a range of colors, and apply to offer exceptional protection. The slickness of these roofs prevents against debris build-up.
  • Polyurea Roof Coating Polyurea offers protection for any roofing material, including metal, and provides superior resistance to chemicals and other environmental hazards.
  • Elastomeric Roof Coating An elastomeric coating will give you a cool roof, which saves money on energy bills. It will also maintain its flexibility in extreme weather conditions.
  • Commercial Roof Restoration A commercial roof restoration can save an immense amount of money compared to replacement. Our team can quickly determine if restoration is an option.

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